Kitchen Table Covers Week 3: A Case of You

Lordy, I really had to get ahold of myself and all the negative self-talk around the song I chose for this week's cover. My Friday deadline was coming quickly, so I fell back on a song I know well, but haven't played in a long time:  A Case of You, by Her Royal Highness, Joni Mitchell. 

Doing a cover of one of the greatest songs of all time by the greatest singer/songwriter all time will really put you in your place, you know? I hope my version will be an homage to the woman who will always be my North Star for singing and songwriting. And it was good practice in feeling fear and doing it anyway.

In recording news, this week I bought a new microphone! It's called a Behringer B1, and it's so sensitive that you can hear the rain on the roof, if you listen carefully. You can also hear me mouth-breathing. I'm not a professional studio engineer, but I feel like that might be undesirable? What are your thoughts? Well, here's to slow but steady progress in the recording realm! 

Thank you for listening and following along with this project, your replies and comments mean so much to me.