Kitchen Table Covers Week 12: All Apologies

I was still nursing my ego wounds from last week’s Eternal Flame debacle, and telling myself that I'm not a real singer because I couldn't make that song work, when my friend Damon suggested covering a Nirvana song this week.

Nirvana is one of those bands that meant so much to me and has so many strong associated feelings, that I basically had to stop listening for a long time. The songs bring back all the pre-coping-skills feelings of middle school, along with the heartbreaking tragedy of Kurt Cobain's death... it's just so many feelings.

The first song I started singing to myself when he said that was "All Apologies", so I sat down with my guitar to see how it felt. Barring a few wrong lyrics that I had been singing for 2 decades ("Aqua seafoam shame"? That is NOT what I thought he was saying), the song just tumbled out. 

I turned on my mic and my computer and recorded it in one take. It's not perfect, but it felt raw and real and I felt really connected to his lyrics, which are so personal and universal at the same time. Except for the aqua seafoam shame... I don't know what he was talking about there. 

Anyway, revisit Nirvana if it's been a while. It still hurts to listen to, but kind of in a good way. 

And please stream or download my version below.

Thank you!