Kitchen Table Cover Week 11: Miss Ohio

This week didn't go too well.

First of all, I've been trying to learn Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" (at the request of my sweet friend Jen B) for about 4 weeks, and playing and singing it is like an elite endurance event.

I thought I might be ready to get through it this week, but I get to the 2nd verse and start to think about what's coming... The bridge! The chorus, TWICE! The bridge AGAIN! The chorus TWICE, AGAIN!

My hands start to cramp and my ring finger starts to freeze in this weird position... is that like, a potassium thing? What is the deal?

So that song didn't happen. 

I tried Taj Mahal's "Lovin In My Baby's Arms".


I tried "Bobby McGee".


I tried "Eternal Flame" by The Bangles, which I had agreed to try earlier in the week, after a couple of margaritas. It was worth a shot.

Now, when I sing it at top volume in my car, I hadn't ever noticed how high it is, or how much breath it takes. Who knew it was such a tough one? When I played the recording back, I actually physically recoiled at my own voice. 

But I thought "hey, maybe I'm just being too critical". I sent it to the friends who had suggested it, to try to get some feedback (after Andrew's feedback was not what I wanted to hear). They were very kind, but the word "pitchy" got thrown around a bit.

I thought to myself, "To hell with it! Not everything can be great! I'm sending it out!" 

I decided to listen one more time before I sent this email, and had the same physical recoil response as the first time. Like, I wanted to cover my ears! I decided that the body knows, and I don't want anyone physically recoilling. If you'd like to hear it, reply to this email and I'll send it to you,'s not good.  😂

I didn't want to not send anything, so I'm sharing this duet I recorded with my friend Todd, of Gillian Welch's "Miss Ohio". It was not recorded at my kitchen table, but it was definitely recorded fast and loose, in the spirit of Kitchen Table Covers.

Let me know what you think!