Kitchen Table Covers Week 2: One More Cup of Coffee

This week I kept with the theme of "songs written by white males in the 70's" that I started last week. We'll be moving on from that shortly, thanks. 

When Andrew and I were about to get engaged (unbeknownst to me), we were tooling around Yosemite Valley in September, one of the most beautiful times I've ever spent in the park. We had Bob Dylan's album Desire playing on repeat-- I don't think we listened to anything else for 3 days. In the crazy way that only music can do, I am immediately transported back to this trip whenever I hear a song off this album. (Do you have any songs that transport you like that? What are they? Where do they transport you? Reply to this email and tell me!)

So, I know we can all agree that Isis is the best track on the album, but I spared you the 12 verses of that song (and spared myself from having to memorize those lyrics in a week), and recorded my 2nd favorite, One More Cup of Coffee.

This week I experimented with an additional microphone I had from back when I was playing gigs (a Shure SM58). It's not meant for home recording, but I think it made the track sound better than last weeks'. I sang into that mic and used Andrew's Zoom mic (that I used last week) for the guitar/room sound. I was then able to bring both tracks into Garage Band and play around a little bit! I have no idea what I'm doing, but it's so fun. Also--I didn't realize how stuffed up my nose was until I heard the track, so sorry about that. Gross.🤧

I really hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you think! I love hearing from you, it makes my feel so much joy, and feel so connected to share these songs. 

So without further ado...